Cornelia M. Kausch

When it comes to leadership, Conny has walked the talk. After serving as a director/CEO of international hotels for over two decades, she started her coaching and consulting business in 2005, empowering leaders & their teams to face turbulent times head-on. Since then, she has fine-tuned her methodological toolkit and embraced the psychodynamic approach she learnt at INSEAD under Manfred Kets de Vries. Conny brings to each coaching challenge an invigorating can-do attitude as well as non-judgmental patience and resourcefulness forged f rom real experience.

A snippet from the talk...

"Service" is the unloved stepchild in the family of ambition. And yet, it is the core of a form of leadership we desperately need – for the sake of our planet, the people around us, and our own personal happiness.