Lance Borvansky 1

Lance Borvansky is fascinated by how information and access to it are evolving and affecting our behavior. An electrical engineer and computer scientist, his early work focused on groundbreaking research in the fields of running robotics and artificial intelligence as part of the MIT research team which eventually launched Boston Dynamics. With additional interests in banking and finance, he turned to the capital markets where he worked with adaptive algorithms to improve asset and risk management processes. Looking to expand both professionally and culturally, in 2000 he relocated to Europe and entered the world of Swiss asset management, family offices and algorithmic trading.
With the many recent changes in finance, he pivoted his proprietary data technologies towards FinTech & PropTech launching a tech startup adventure in property management.

A snippet from the talk...

How do we keep information from killing us? Information and how we manage it has a profound effect on society and its sustainable future.