Maria Haggo

Maria Haggo, the founder and CEO of Transform8, is a conscious leader who believes in the need for a profound positive transformation in global work cultures. In her own words, "a thriving individual leads to thriving teams, thriving communities, and a thriving world". An MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience from King’s College London combined with Maria's heartfelt and holistic approach makes her work impactful and truly unique. Her work involves supporting teams and leaders in self-development, gender diversity and well-being, and in her speech titled " How To Be the Leader You Want to Work For – it’s easier than you think”, she will show us what it means to lead from the heart for a brighter future.

A snippet from the talk...

Watch your thoughts. If you have negative self-talk, that drives negative self-worth and a negative mindset, there is no way you can show up authentically with positive energy to give.